Monday, September 30, 2002

Have Craving, Will Travel
I am not a sushi lover...that is for sure. I prefer my food cooked as to avoid any parasitic illnesses (though rare, I am all about caution). However, I can certainly be coerced into eating Califonia Rolls. For the last three days I have been craving the avocado sushi (only avocado on a bed of sticky rice wrapped in seaweed) from Todai. It doesn't matter that I have to travel an hour to get there. J. says we have to wait until this weekend. Well Hrmmmf. Has he forgotten that we are going to the State Fair this weekend? Who would pass up corny dogs, curly fries, fried cheesecake, cotton candy, sausage on a stick, and caramel apples for raw food?

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