Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Beaded Corn
I have finally gotten around to posting the pic of the beaded corn I made. These can be made as pins or attached to homemade napkin rings for Thanksgiving. Here are the directions as short and sweet as I can make them.

You will need:
tri-beads (yellow, red, orange, brown)
2 gold pipe cleaners
kraft paper

1. Cut two 2" pieces of pipe cleaner.
2. String 11 tri-beads on each piece, alternating colors.
3. Bend ends of pipe cleaner back onto beads to secure.
4. Place beaded pipe cleaner onto kraft paper to serve as guide for cutting two 3" ovals.
5. Cut out ovals and glue one beaded pipe cleaner to the bottom of each.
6. Place both ovals together and twist at top.
7. Secure with a raffia bow.