Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
I have had a really crummy, crappy, everything that can go wrong will kinda day. Now, before you say it or think it...I know there are people a whole lot worse off than me. I can understand that and in the great scheme of things my problems aren't really all that bad. But, when I came home tonight and there was cat throw up all over my carpet I thought I was gonna choke someone. I didn't know which cat to spank so I had to settle for spanking both of them. Oh, and it wasn't an accident whichever cat threw up...they chew on my houseplant (which they know better) and then get sick. I can't imagine what Meow Mix does to the inside of my kitties since it dyes the carpet something fierce. I had to spend my whole time watching American Idol scrubbing away like Cinderella.

Don't call PETA just yet, I must give these cats spankings more often because I can barely type...both of them are trying to lay on me and are purring to beat the band. Oh, and the stain now looks like someone spilled orange drink on my carpet and left it there. I am Oxy Cleaning the sucker...

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