Sunday, August 17, 2003

No, your eyes are not decieving you, I am actually blogging twice in the span of three days. Wonders never cease.

I really need to be outside cutting my grass but I can't justify sweating up a storm when I just took a bath. I guess I need to plan a little better. This home ownership is for the birds, I tell you.

Yesterday, I traveled with ex-sister-in-law (hyphenate that three times fast) to Daphne to look at property and such. It started to pour and we got hungry so we stopped for fried cheesecake. I think I could eat that stuff every day if I knew my pants would still fit.

I have really missed the friends I have met through this blog. I am out of the loop. I have missed so much from Stef's Tea Swap to Rachel's Fall Swap. I promise to get back into checking my e-mail every day. It is hard since I can't really access much at work due to Firewall constraints.

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