Friday, October 03, 2003

Today was a great day! I had a workshop until eleven and then I get the rest of the day off. Yesterday, I received a PowerBook G4 at work. I'm not going to question the good fortune, I am just going to be thankful for it.

With my extra time (when I normally would be at work), I went shopping. I stopped into Movie Gallery and picked up 4 two get two free. That was a great deal, I thought. I think my DVD collection is going to end up running us out of our bedroom.

Next, I went to Office Depot to pick up business cards and of course, couldn't resist buying some office supplies for myself. I then went on a fruitless journey to buy some white tennis shoes which I don't think they make anymore. Then to Wendy's for a sweet tea because I was dying of thirst. Exciting, eh?

T. is working days this week so he will be home soon.

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