Sunday, December 21, 2003

So we made snowmen, hats, and candy cane reindeer. The kids really enjoyed all the crafty activities. I wish we had more time to do crafts. However, standardized testing beckons so that is where we are headed after Christmas.

My laptop is having keyboard surgery or I would post pictures. I am too frustrated right now to try and hook my camera up to the big computer. Big computer was infected with Trojan Gema virus. That even sounds gross, huh? Spent two hours of my life trying to get system back to normal. I think we are okay for now. What good is Norton, I ask you?

Finished most of my Christmas shopping yesterday. I tried to make it to the mall as soon as it opened. I thought my strategy had worked until people started coming out of the woodwork at about 9:10 AM. Still have some more shopping to do but nothing I can't pick up at Wal-Mart or local places. No mall for least until the day after Christmas.

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