Friday, January 30, 2004

Circle Journal Explanation
A circle journal group is a group of people interested in journals and/or scrapbooking. Each person decides on a topic/theme for her journal. Themes could be Colors, Favorite Things, Songs That Inspire You, Quotes That Move You, etc. The journal cover is decorated or is up to the creator. Next, a title page is made outlining the theme of the journal, giving an explanation, and any directions are included for recipients of the journal. A sign-in sheet is next for the recipient to sign. Then the creator makes her entry to go along with the theme.

She then mails her journal to another member of the group (usually the same member each time). The journals travel in a circular pattern until each member receives her journal back. Each person must follow the theme of the journal she receives. When your journal is complete, you will have original works of art from all members, thereby getting to know them better in the process.

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