Thursday, April 01, 2004

I am so very glad that tomorrow is Friday. I can not wait! It is not that anything particularly exciting is going to happen this weekend. Unless you count not having to go to work exciting...I do.

It is not the children or the job that really gets to me. It is that 45 minute drive to and from work.

My sister is going with me on our next field trip. We are taking the kids to Tallahassee. We are having to leave here at 4:00 AM. Let's hope the kids decide that they need more rest. I'm sure they won't since we are allowing them to bring Game Boys and such on the bus.

In house news, it seems to me we are a standstill since no outward progress is being made. Evidently the plumbers came today so next should be insulation, then sheetrock. Crossing fingers that it happens sooner rather than later.

We are having Easter at my sister's. She is such a great cook that I am looking quite forward to that, as well. I think we have decided that we are having seafood instead of the traditional ham, etc. I wish it was this Sunday!

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