Friday, August 13, 2004

Whew...thank goodness it's Friday. My school children are great but my feet sure do hurt.

I haven't done anything productive this week. Right now, my husband is out there standing on the bucket of a tractor cutting limbs out of the trees in front of the house. His father is sitting in the seat of the tractor so I guess he'll save him if he falls. This weekend we hope to actually get the yard in order. Right now, it looks like a huge mud wrestling arena. We did sod part of the yard before moving in but the other part is in dire need of some tender loving care.

I would love to get some topiaries to put on the front porch and some hanging pots with huge ferns. My sister has a green thumb and I, sadly, do not. I need to enlist her help in choosing plants for the flower beds. Well, we would actually need to have flower beds before planting anything in them. One day and one thing at a time.

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