Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I have decided not to return to work for the remainder of this school year. I will really miss my class because they were a great bunch of kids. But, my own child needs me during this time so it wasn't a hard decision to make. I never knew the joys and heartbreaks of being a mom would be so closely entertwined. I love that little guy more than anyone in the world.

Since we spent Christmas in Jacksonville, we haven't exchanged presents with our families yet. Though really the only present I need is lying three feet from me in his bassinet. We will be celebrating Christmas with my family this Saturday at my sister's house. I still have a few presents to purchase.

I meant to send out Christmas cards this year and didn't get around to that either. So, if you sent me a Christmas card I am so sorry I wasn't able to reciprocate. If I have learned nothing else during this whole ordeal I have learned not to take my loved ones for granted. Life has a way of stopping on a dime when you least expect it and turning your world inside out. It could always have been worse than it was and I am eternally grateful for our outcome.

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