Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ten Months

Has it been that long? My goodness you are growing so fast and the time has flown by. Your absolute favorite word is MaMa. It is the first thing I hear when I wake up in the morning. Though, at that time of the morning it usually comes out sounding like MehMeh. You can wave bye-bye like a pro and often for no apparent reason. You've been crawling for a while now, pulling up and cruising along the furniture, and terrorizing the cat. Swoozie is pretty used to you by now and just sits there and lets you torture her. When she's had enough, she heads to the back of the couch where you can't get to her...yet.

Daddy doesn't understand where all these toys are coming from. He's not quite gullible enough to believe that we had all of them in the closet waiting until you were old enough. I've decided that if you are good at the store, you get a toy. It's that simple. So the other day, when we came home without anything for you, daddy asked if you were bad at the store. I couldn't lie to him and tell him that you were bad so sadly, I had to tell him that you pretty much had every toy that was appropriate for your age that T@rget sells.

All dressed up for church. Too bad your mama can't bring herself to leave you in the nursery.

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