Thursday, October 13, 2005

To Owen at 11 Months

I can't believe that you have almost been on this earth a year! You have brought a million lifetimes worth of joy into my life. Funny, I can't even remember my life before you became a part of it.

You were such a sweet boy in Disney World never crying or fussing (except that one time in the car on the way home when mean old Cousin Erica wouldn't play with you). You are so curious about people and think that everyone should pay attention to you. I worry about you constantly and wish I could keep you safe from all the mean things this world has to offer. There are some good things in the world, as well. Good things other than cereal and apple juice.

I am constantly trying to teach you Baby Signs and I think you've finally caught on to the sign for diaper. The sign is patting your hip. When I'm changing you on the table, you really enjoy trying to reach out and hit my hip even though it's supposed to be your own hip you hit. Aunt Jackie was over tonight and she apparently doesn't approve of the sign for milk (kinda like milking a cow). I agree, it is an awkward looking sign but you understand it, so we'll go with it.

You're spoiled. Something I promised myself wouldn't happen when I had a child. I think everything I ever thought about child rearing flew out the window the first time I looked into those gorgeous blue eyes.

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