Monday, October 10, 2005

We're Back
I think I could live in Disney World. We had a fantastic time and I'm ready to go back. We visited all four parks and I still don't think we saw everything. Owen loved the characters, especially their noses.

And one of us is sporting a shorter haircut, sans unruly curls.

With grandma waiting for haircut. Even though before we left the hotel, I slicked his little hair down, it's already flying all over the place.

After the haircut donning a "First Haircut" set of Mickey ears. Notice the stickers all over him which were placed there by the fantastic lady barber (is a lady called a barber at a barber shop? hairstylist?). Also notice the napkin he has torn to shreds during the cut.

After the haircut, kicked back. Notice the sticker that I left on his leg thinking there was no way he could get to it. It was found in his mouth about two minutes later.

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