Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I was going to post a picture of our Christmas tree but the camera has a dead battery and I'm too lazy to hook it up to the cord at this moment.

I was going to post a picture of the gingerbread house we made last night, but unfortuntately it isn't quite presentable. (Read as incomplete)

Instead, I went to my last quilting class which was a little Christmas party. It was held at my teacher's house in historic downtown. She has a beautiful home. We dined on homemade vegetable beef soup, cheese and crackers, homemade cranberry orange sherbert, and cookies. The food was fabulous and the company was too. We were able to "ooh" and "ahh" over all her fine quilts she has made through the years. She is really a remarkable quilter. I only hope one day to become half the quilter she is. Her eye for fabric and color choice astounds me.

Our "advanced" class starts in February and I am hoping that my "Winter Fun Quilt" and "Batik Mystery Quilt" are pulled together by then. I'm not the only student a little behind. Our teacher says you can have up to 19 WIP (works-in-progress) but not 20. I only have two and I already feel overloaded.

I'm not going to stress about it, however. Our anuual bake-a-thon is this Saturday and I'm looking forward to that. Tommy's second work Christmas party is tomorrow night and Thursday is our Bunco Christmas party. I'm just going to concentrate on enjoying the season and if things get done...well, that's a plus.

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