Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jackson Ryeder

He's finally here! Actually, he made his appearance Wednesday, July 19, at 1:40 AM. I'm not going to go into too many details here. But, let's just say it's NEVER a good idea to move an hour away from your designated hospital and/or doctor (who was on vacation anyway).

Okay, where I'm from, EVERY hospital delivers babies. There are 3 hospitals in my hometown and every one of them has a labor and delivery wing. So, when I started having labor pains Tuesday night around 11:30, I decided to stick around here for a little while thinking I couldn't be going in to labor this soon. It must just be gas, anxiety, etc. Wrong! I finally woke Tommy from his deep slumber around 12:30. At that point, labor pains had progressed pretty quickly. Realize, I had only felt one labor pain with Owen before the epidural kicked in. I was clueless how far apart they were supposed to be, my doctor had never even discussed that part of this whole process.

Tommy assured me he could get me to "our" hospital in 35 minutes. I may not have been too wise about a lot, but I knew this baby wouldn't wait that long. So, he decided we'd go to the closest emergency room to the house. He grabbed Owen out of bed and I barely made it out to the truck. To make a long story short, there were two emergency rooms within ten minutes of our house. We just happened to choose the wrong one.

Tommy dropped me off at the curb and I stumbled my way into the door. It was like walking into an emergi-clinic. I could barely breathe, I was hunched over from the pain, I walk in, and there is NO ONE behind the desk. A cleaning lady walks in to empty the trash, takes one look at me, gets this puzzled expression on her face, and walks out. A nurse comes from around the corner and asks me what I am doing here. I try to explain to her that we just moved here last week, I was supposed to be induced on Monday, and this is the place my husband decided was closest to our house.

From that point on, it is all pretty much a blur. I delivered this baby about 20 minutes later with NO PAIN MEDICATION whatsoever. I'm not proud of that fact. I was a card carrying member of the epidural video watchers club. I was fully prepared for another painless birth. Jack was delivered by a doctor who hadn't delivered a baby in nine years. Being as though no one was around when this baby's head emerged, I'd like to say I delivered him myself. Pretty much the team of one doctor, and two nurses were off looking for medical equipment to deliver a baby while I was pushing. You see, this hospital doesn't deliver babies. So, I guess Jack has a story to tell one day.

I do have to hand it to them though. They were all very nice and tried to get me an ambulance to take me to the nearest hospital that does deliver babies. Jack just came quicker than everyone anticipated. Once he was born and checked out, you should have heard them trying to figure out his Apgar score, We were transferred via ambulance and I got to hold him in my arms all the way there.

We're home now. Big brother doesn't know quite what to think of him just yet. Sleep is highly overrated, I'm beginning to find out, too!

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