Monday, October 23, 2006

How boring is a blog without photos? I think I was trying to answer that question the last month or two! This blog has gotten pretty boring! I'm the first to admit while browsing blogs, I tend to skip a few of the all text posts if I'm in a hurry. Bad...shouldn't do that!

So, finally the placemat purse I completed in sewing class.

One placemat $1.50
1 yard trim $2.49
1 set handles $3.99
embellishment $3.99

For a grand total of $11.97! This week, we are making a pillow. I'm looking forward to that!

Next up, a picture of my favorite corner in my house!

I grew up in a house with a fireplace. I can't recall how many fires my dad actually made, but it wasn't many! I think my mom and dad were too worried the carpet in front of the fireplace would catch fire. I seem to remember them keeping a scrap of carpet in the hall closet just for laying on the floor when we did have a fire. However, my fondest memories are standing in front of the fire at my granny's house. Having contests with my cousins to see who could actually stay there the longest. Then, going to sit down on your warm toasty butt when you finally decided you couldn't stand it any longer. My cousin Eddie once melted his parachute pants in front of the fire at my granny's. Yeah, he won...that time.

Of the four homes we've owned, only two of them had fireplaces. Funny, they are the two we didn't actually build from the ground-up. Fireplaces bring back such fond memories and I can't wait until winter so we can enjoy this one.

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