Thursday, March 01, 2007

I called the library to see what time my moms' group could attend a story hour with our kids. I was told it is by registration only and this session lasts until April. What the heck? Turned away at the PUBLIC library for story hour (more like story thirty minutes). I've never heard of such!

Looks like we are going to be buying the house around the corner. I'm excited about that. I am definitely not going to get in a hurry--not going to let anyone make me hurry this time. I am taking the time to get rid of anything we don't need/use. I'm thinking we are going to move one room at a time. If something doesn't have a place then its new place will be to the goodwill box!

Tomorrow, I'm taking Owen to art class and then meeting my moms' group at the park. Hoping for good weather!

Putting this here so I don't forget--Jack now has his first two bottom teeth at 7 months. Funny, big brother didn't start getting teeth until his first birthday.

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