Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm not motivated to take anymore blurry pictures. I'm ready for my camera to be back in my hands. It should be on the way back right now.

I took the boys with me to vote yesterday. Owen was excited, but I'm not sure he quite gets it just yet. I stayed up too late watching the election coverage, as did most of the country I'm sure. I voted, so I can complain now, right? ;)

I'm looking forward to the Taste of Mobile on Thursday night. We went last year and the food was fantastic!

Next week is a busy week. We have Owen's birthday playdate on Wednesday, his actual birthday party on Thursday at Chuck E Cheese (his choice), and then Tommy & I are going to see the So You Think You Can Dance Tour on Friday night in Pensacola. Oh, and Saturday is the Christmas Advent Calendar Craft Night at my house.

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