Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We went to Target today, just for diapers. Well, the Christmas items were 75% off. How could I resist? Did I need anything? Nope. Did I buy way too much? You bet.

I think we were in the store for about two hours, and other that Jack spilling half his Coke Icee in the cart, we had a pretty good trip.

You'd think after tossing out ten plus bags of junk, not to mention the fact that it was just Christmas, that I wouldn't want anything else. I wish I was logical like that. Instead, I am in love with this Cole Haan Village Soft Tote. Unfortunately, I saw it in the Garnet Hill catalog and can't find it online in the camel color. I would so spend my Christmas money on that baby.

Project 365 (Day 3)

Owen loves to grab my camera and snap pictures. He took this one today of me getting ready for the gym. I'm pretty addicted to Turbo Kick and Zumba classes, so we never miss on those days if I can help it! I love the fact that you can see Jack trying to get toys together for the trip in the car. It takes me at least ten minutes to get them out the door!

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