Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spending a Sunday at Home

Spending a Sunday at home is so nice. We didn't leave the house at all today. It was so cold, I'm glad we decided to stay home. The boys were able to ride their four wheelers and Tommy was able to wash his. I think he brought the whole state back with him.

I told him to look at the camera and he gave me a thumbs up for some reason.

I couldn't resist this shot of him holding his hair. He always does that when he's tired or nervous. In this case, he was tired.

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Excuse the picture through the railing, I was too cold to walk down the porch steps.

For dinner I made another dish, Chicken Milano. It was absolutely fabulous. I followed the exact directions and ingredients. I hate when people alter half the ingredients of a recipe on there and leave a less than stellar rating. I don't see how you can accurately rate the recipe if you don't follow it. Sure, alter the recipe or use it as a guideline, but don't leave a rating if you do that.

Project 365 (Day 15)

Even though Tommy detests the hill in our back yard, the boys love riding their four wheelers up and down that hill. They ride until the batteries wear down. I think we've finally decided to buy two spare batteries so we can always have two ready to use.

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