Thursday, March 05, 2009

(Day 68)

We recently decided to pay my car off, so it will be sticking around with us for a long time. I really do love my car, especially the heated seats. I better love it, since I'll have to drive it until the wheels fall off. Which really may happen sooner than later since I seem to run into curbs often with those rims that stick out like that. Who invented those and what made them think it was a good idea?

Wednesday, March 4 (Day 67)

A picture of my cell phone. I thought it would be neat to look back on this picture years from now and see what has changed. I love this phone, especially since I can use it to get on the internet whenever I need to check on something.

Tuesday, March 3 (Day 66)

Tommy took Owen to work with him this morning. I was getting ready to take Jack with me to run some errands and I heard him over by the window saying something about a bee. Next thing I know, he's using a box of diapers to try to get a fly swatter down out of the laundry room. I gave it to him just thinking he was playing with a pretend bug or something.

Next thing I know, I hear him saying, "Shoo, bee, shoo." I walked over with the camera because it was just too cute not to get a picture. I guess I should have been worried that he found a real bee. But, he was actually trying to swat at the dust particles that were shining from the sun coming in the window.

Monday, March 2 (Day 65)

Owen has never really been interested in cars, but since Jack loves them, he's been playing with his brother every once in a while. He likes to collect them and line them up to see how many we have alike. Too many.

Sunday, March 1 (Day 64)

I spent the better part of two weeks on the phone to HP about the computer in the office. It's been in for repair before and still isn't fixed. The phone calls are never shorter than an hour and I felt like throwing the tower out in the garbage several times.

Even though this picture shows everything in working order, it's not. The computer crash dumps and restarts every 5-10 minutes. Even though we don't spend a great deal of time in there using that computer, it's still frustrating.

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