Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm tired
Tommy took Owen to the race with him this weekend, so I've just had Jack-Jack. He's really not a lot of trouble at all, I'm just tired for some reason.

I have pictures to post from Project 365. I haven't forgotten. I can't believe I've remembered to take a picture a day for almost three months now. I'm 1/4 of the way done! Wow!

Registration for the mini workshops at inspired began last week and I'm so excited! I signed up for probably way too many, but I'm going to fit in as much creative time as I can! I'm not even quite sure I left myself any time to eat, either. But, nevermind that, I'll be making mini albums, jewelry, quilting, etc. all weekend long and I CAN NOT WAIT!

For now, I'm going by myself and Tommy will be staying home with the kids, but that's subject to change if they decide to come with me. We'll see. I'll miss them for four whole days. It's the weekend of Mother's Mom, I love you, but I'll be in North Carolina! My room is booked and I wish it was tomorrow.

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