Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I'm loving right now
Other than my family, of course. We're talking about inanimate objects here.

1) Gingher Knife Edge Craft Scissors--I will never buy another type of scissor again. In fact, I'm asking for the pinking shears and embroidery scissors for my birthday. I can't say enough great things about these little scissors.

2) Turbo Kick classes at my local gym. A fun and strenuous work out! We're currently on Round 36, but I love the fact that we can go back to the earlier routines when the "new" one gets boring. I feel like a slug if I don't attend at least twice a week.

3) 48 Hours, Hard Evidence- I love this show! It's not a terribly great idea to watch right before I go to bed at night, though. It can really make for some strange dreams. Inevitably, the DVR cuts off the last few seconds when Maureen Maher is explaining any important updates to the cases since filming, though.

4) E85 Flex Fuel-About seventy cents cheaper per gallon that regular gasoline. The only problem? There's only one gas station in our city that carries it.

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