Monday, December 14, 2009

My Kindergarten Classroom
I have a very small classroom. It actually is supposed to serve another purpose. But, I absolutely love it! It has great storage and an office with nice storage, as well.

The frog in the entrance to our classroom. He's always pretty festive.

Our circle time area. We don't have room for an actual "circle." We only have the space for two lines. I purchased two rugs which fit nicely between the desks and the circle time/whiteboard area.

The dry erase board to the left of the calendar. We use this rug for most of our read alouds.

The view from the door into our classroom. The classroom library is behind the cubby shelf. My office door is to the right.

The view from the door into our classroom and looking left. I absolutely love my document camera and projector. The DVD player and laptop are also hooked up to the projector.

Since there isn't a lot of wall space for a word wall, I've utilized the cabinets. It works well for us.

A better view of the Christmas tree.

Our small classroom library. Usually, there is a bigger seating area, but the Christmas tree fits nicely in the library for now.

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Lisanne said...

That looks wonderful! It looks very big just from the photos. I love our kids' preschool classroom. I didn't know that you were a kindergarten teacher! Any advice for our son transitioning from pre-K to K next year? He turns 5 in March. He's afraid to ride the bus and says he doesn't want to go to kindergarten!