Saturday, October 05, 2002

Finally able to go to the State Fair today. I am always amazed at the sights, sounds, and smells. It's like being a little kid again. My first stop is at the cornydog stand. I never understand my need for a corndog because if you were to ask me if I wanted one at any other time I would turn it down and make a face of disgust. J. actually tried the Infamous Fried Twinkie. When asked what it tasted like he said "a fried twinkie." He's such a ball of fun. Other tantalizing treats included Jack's French Fries (with vinegar), nutty butty bar, sausage on a stick, onion strings, and a funnel cake. We were able to see a 45 minute Spirit of the Dance show. Pretty great and pretty free. J. bought me a new silver bracelet which I am in love with. All in all a load of fun which will last me until next year when I start craving fair food again.

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