Thursday, April 14, 2005

Owen at Five Months

Yesterday you did a lot of smiling at the doctor's office. Well, up until the time the nurse came in to give you four shots. Two in each of your little meaty thighs. You handled it like a champ. After the doctor's office we went to visit grandma at work. Everyone loved your pretty blue eyes and grandma left lipstick on your cheek where she kissed you. Mama left it there because kisses from grandma are pretty special.

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about you turning four months. The time is flying by. You are rolling all over the place, sitting up (almost on your own), and standing every time you can get someone to hold onto you. Your favorite foods are bananas and pears. I don't think I'll ever feed you sweet potatoes again since they seem to make you a gassy crankpot.

I wish I could capture the look on your face when your Daddy comes home from work every afternoon. Since Daddy started his new job, he's home every day around the same more shift work. Your eyes light up, you get the biggest grin on your face, and you almost jump out of my arms when you see your Daddy. I know there will be plenty of times when you and Daddy try to leave me here to go ride four wheelers or do "boy stuff" but for now, you are Mama's boy. That is just fine with me.

Thanks to Auntie Tina for the cool t-shirt!

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