Friday, May 27, 2005

Time sure has a way of getting away from me. It has been a week since I last posted. I'm an awful blogger. I can't say that I have been very busy, either.

Let's see...We did manage to get some flowers and plants for the yard this past weekend. We bought two blueberry bushes for the back of the house. We planted some gardenias in front of the garage and they smell lovely. The flowers for the flowerbed are still sitting in their pots waiting to be planted.

Owen and I went to a retirement picnic for one of my co-workers on Wednesday. It was good to see everyone.

Yesterday, we went shopping so I could buy some summer shirts. What is it with clothing designers this year? I mean tank tops are okay but I don't want to wear them every single day. It doesn't seem like I can find a shirt with sleeves for women my age. So I went searching for shirts and came home with 3 pairs of capris and 2 pairs of shorts. I guess I'll have to go topless.

I'm kidding, Mom.

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