Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Backtack Goodies Received

I have been totally spoiled by Jenanne over at jenanne.com. Take a look at all this greatness! First, of course, is this fantastic bag. It is so original and I just love the straps and the colors. Notice the nifty ringed notepad keychain for that ever growing list of yarn needed for my next crochet project. Hey, I'm learning!

Inside the bag, darling fish sewing kit, Clover Asian Knot template, Adagio teas (yum), covered notepad, cosmetic pouch, stitch markers, buttons, and cute 8 by 10 quilt fabric.

And...Vogue Knitting Beginner Basics, Prism Captiva, Tweedy Cotton Classic and wooden Keyboard Keys knitting needles. Mine have the Windows key and the Alt key. So unique!

Thanks, Jenanne!

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