Monday, July 18, 2005

Eight months old and some history
Anyone who knows me knows that my job is very important to me. Before I even became a "full-fledged" teacher I was collecting Caldecott and Newberry winners for my classroom library, making file folder games, and subscribing to teaching magazines. It just made me feel better doing those things. I had the misfortune of graduating college in the middle of the school year in a town that has a hiring freeze every single year until the new school year begins. After substitute teaching for six months, I finally started interviewing. Praying that someone would hire me to do what I love most. I was hired (after eleven interviews) to teach fifth grade. I honestly remember driving to work every day and thinking how lucky I was to be able to love my job and look forward to working every day. I taught fifth grade here in town for three years.

A series of unfortunate events and following along behind someone led me to teaching three years in Dallas. Now, don't get me wrong...those three years taught me a lot about myself. I learned that I can stand on my own two feet. I also was afforded many opportunities by a principal who saw that I had a passion and pretty much gave me free reign. I picked up two extra endorsements for my teaching certificate and gained a lot of experience. Leading teachers twice my age with much more experience.

Then, I moved back to my home town went on one interview and was called back thirty minutes later while waiting for the next interview halfway across town. It is because of that time in Dallas that my resume' was more than presentable. I taught one full year at the best little school in my county. The second year I taught I went out for maternity leave in November and ended up taking a leave of absence until the end of the school year. I finally decided that I just can't return this year (can't leave my boy) and called my principal three weeks ago.

All that to say this. I went in to clean my classroom today. I was offered my job back. One more chance in a district where jobs aren't that easy to come by. I really wanted to go back. I accepted but by the time I got home that afternoon, my mind was made up for me. I just can't leave that little boy. If it means we have to eat potted meat out of the can, I'll just have to do that. I love my children at school, but I love that little boy with the bright blue eyes a whole lot more. Maybe the opportunity to teach will present itself again.

Happy 8 month birthday little one. Mama's a little late but her heart is always focused on you.

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