Saturday, July 09, 2005

Battening Down the Hatches
Oh boy. Do you see that projected path of Hurricane Dennis? Well I live right in the middle of that yellow cone. Some of us aren't completely recovered from Hurricane Ivan last year. The poor people on the beach are just moving back into their homes only to be evacuated for this hurricane.

I went out yesterday and several gas stations are already out of gas. The lines for the ones that are opened are crazy. There is practically no ice or water to be found. So instead of standing in line elsewhere, I just went to the fabric store. There wasn't a soul there.

Seriously, we have a generator, we have ice, water, formula, and baby food. We are as prepared for this one as we can be. That generator will power my sewing machine just fine :)

Lots of great finds at the fabric store. Pictures soon.

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