Saturday, July 09, 2005

Jo@nn's Fabrics is relocating in my area to a new SuperStore. They aren't taking anything with them to the new store and I am benefitting. I think I've been there five times in the last two weeks and they just keep marking items down each time. I bought some home decor fabric samples for pennies. All their remnants are now eighty percent off. It was hard to contain myself.

From left to right:
Williamsburg "Bryan House Embroidery" Origin: China
Liz Claiborne "Pineapple" (love those embroidered pineapples) Origin: Turkey
"Cream" (don't know the manufacturer)
"Spokane" (don't know the maufacturer) Origin: Turkey
"Sand" (don't know manufacturer)
Liz Claiborne "State Fair" Origin: Turkey

Waverly "Portia" Origin: Turkey
"Topiary" (couldn't resist the embroidered topiaries on this one) Origin: Italy
"Norway" Origin: Turkey
"Sunburst" (cute beach theme)

This fabric is marked "Made exclusively for Jo@nn's" I love it! I couldn't resist picking up some acorn and leaf buttons at sixty percent off, either.

These are just fabric remnants. Cheap!

New fabric for a bag. There was a two yard minimum and if you bought what was left of the bolt it was an extra ten percent off!

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