Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Trip Around the World Quilt
After much debating, I have decided that my first quilt will be Trip Around the World. My goal was to use all the orange fabrics that I have been stockpiling for the last few weeks but when I got in there among all that luscious fabric I suddenly had temporary amnesia.

This particular quilt calls for ten fabric choices. You know I was all over that! Trip Around the World is a rolling quilt which means the first fabric needs to coordinate just as well with the tenth fabric as it does with the second. Seems the particular talent for choosing all ten fabrics comes with time and experience. I was able to choose about seven and my teacher helped me find three more coordinating fabrics.

I chose these fabrics because they have a vintage feel. This quilt will match Owen's room perfectly. I will have it done by the end of my class in six more weeks. I am making it as a present for his first birthday.

Here's my cheat sheet with all ten fabrics so that I can stay focused and keep the fabrics in order.

We are supposed to sew the strips together in pairs and then sew the pairs together. The teacher in me wanted to know why not just sew one to two to three...etc. Apparently, it is to keep from handling the fabric too much. There would be a lot of "stress" on fabric number one from all that handling and pressing. Makes sense. I better get started on my homework.

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