Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Since the sickies are still attacking our house, I'm curling up with some old Trixie Belden favorites. There is just something about these books that take me back to a simpler time. I remember sneaking the first Trixie Belden book I ever read off my sister's bookshelf. From there, I was lucky to find a few in our town's library and the library at my school. There were 39 Trixie Belden novels released between 1948 and 1986. I have read probably half of them. If I'm lucky, I can find them in antique shops for a fair price. Recently on E*Bay, I won three of them.

The books were out of print from 1986 until 2003. I was happy to hear that Random House had re-released the first 15 books in the series. Now a whole new generation can grow up wanting to be a member of the Bob-Whites of the Glen. The new editions just don't seem quite right to me, however. I guess it's the feel of an old book. Wondering how many hands held that book and minds wandered to the safe haven of Sleepyside.

I never quite got into Nancy Drew. Trixie just seemed more real to me. There was just something too perfect about dear Nancy that didn't appeal to me as a child.

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