Saturday, August 13, 2005

To Owen at Nine Months

I have to admit that I think boy toys are so much cooler than girl toys. (No offense to your girly cousins intended) I remember before I had you I always knew that if I had a little boy, he would have to have a Tonka Dumptruck. I envisioned I would put your Easter goodies in it when you were two or three and it would serve as the greatest Easter basket. But, when Daddy and I were shopping the other day, he spotted this and we knew you had to have it. Right now.

It is a little early but you love it anyway. You have almost grasped the skill of standing behind your truck while walking. You will take a couple of steps then sit down like you've just run a marathon. You absolutely can't stand for there to be toys in the back of the truck so daddy and I put them there just to hear you squeal and watch you frantically remove them. Daddy sat you in this truck so that years later you could see exactly how little you were and think, "I fit inside this?" Yea, little buddy and mama's belly is a whole lot littler than the bed of your dump truck. Or it used to be.

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