Monday, September 19, 2005

Organization Monday Week 2
Idea Binder

This has been a work in progress for at least a year now. A long time ago, I started a file of craft ideas found in magazines and on the internet. My plastic folder became so thick it wouldn't even close. So I decided it was time to do something about it. I took each page and cut off only the part I needed for the craft which reduced the pile somewhat. Next, I used mounting squares (double sided tape slivers) to mount the paper onto cardstock. I then placed the cardstock into the sheet protector. This works great for me since I can have more that one idea on a page and it takes up less space. If there is a pattern to go along with the craft, I simply slip it in the sheet protector between the two pieces of back-to-back cardstock.

Pictured above are two pages in the Christmas section of the binder.

If I wanted the whole entire article (like the Bunny pattern on the left), I just put the whole article down inside the sheet protector. I try not to have too many of these since it makes for a much thicker binder.

Two pages in the October section of binder.

My binder is broken down into months of the year instead of holidays with additional sections for Owen (pretend play ideas, fabric book patterns, etc.), Entertaining, and Cards/Gifts. I have a whole separate binder for scrapbooking ideas.

Just a note...This was very hard for me as I like to have things intact, magazines included. It was painful at first cutting up my MS Living, MS Kids and ME magazines. But, it got to the point where I couldn't find anything and all I had was stacks of dog-eared magazines. Now, it is much easier to find what I am looking for and I don't have stacks of magazines lying around. While flipping through the magazine, if I only found one or two ideas, I just made a color copy of those so that I could donate the magazine instead of throwing it away.

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