Thursday, September 22, 2005

Owen's Quilt-Completed
I decided to back Owen's quilt with flannel since his daddy has a flannel quilt made by his grandmother. I was warned that flannel is a tricky choice for the backing and I now know why they say that. It tends to stretch and gather even using a walking foot. It will be a while before I back a quilt with flannel again. But, it is so warm and cozy that I wanted Owen to have it on the back of his quilt. It was worth all the cursing, I think.

I decided to make the border red and complete the black diamond for visual interest. I like the way it turned out. I quilted every other diagonal to try and draw the attention to the Trip Around the World pattern since this is a busy little quilt. The binding is the red and blue polka dotted fabric which was one of my favorites.

Making the quilt label with binding took almost as long as binding the actual quilt. It reads:
To: Owen
Happy 1st Birthday
♥- Mama
You can barely see the white words in the picture but it shows up better against the yellow in real life.

You'll have to excuse the picture quality. Not that my pictures are ever that good anyway but this little monkey wouldn't stay off his quilt long enough for me to take better pictures.

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