Friday, November 25, 2005

Santa has been shopping and shopping for quality toys for a while now. So far, Santa has these hidden in the closet, er, I mean the elves are preparing them as I type.

Brio Friends Billy Blue Train Set
I really dislike clowns but for some reason, this one doesn't scare me...yet. I have been on a search for this retired Brio Friends train for a few months. They are mighty scarce on E*Bay. I even lost one in the last four seconds of the auction. That's right, the last four seconds, that really ticked me off. Proving that all things happen for a reason, I won this one (NIB) a few weeks ago.

Plan Toys Water Blocks
Before Owen was even born, I looked at these blocks and thought they were so cool. They are rated age 3, but I think O. will get a big kick out of them for a long time.

Brio My First Railway Set
Just a step up from the Brio Friends train. I love this!

Plan Toys Balancing Monkeys
It's just a little too early for this, but I couldn't resist.

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