Friday, January 06, 2006

Feeling much better. For a while, I thought I was on death's door. I didn't manage to get the tree down before the new year began. Sadly. Though I felt a bit better that my mother didn't take her's down until the third.

Along with so many others, I am finding the need to declutter, organize, and simplify. I started yesterday with the refrigerator. I love when everything is sparkly clean.

Today, we are off to Target to pick up some clear plastic containers for all of Owen's FP Little People, blocks, and misc. toys. We have a large trunk in the living room for his toys but they are quickly outgrowing even that storage space. Must get a handle on this.

It is freezing cold here. I felt the need for some comfort food and made egg salad. Hmmm...maybe I need another sandwich before braving the cold for a shopping trip.

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