Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm Learning
Owen and I sat down and watched Elmo together last weekend. I do love Elmo and can totally see the appeal but something was bothering me.

So, the other day, Tommy was home from work and flipping channels as usual. He did stop on Elmo long enough for me to share my outrage with him. So I say, "You know it really sends a mixed message to toddlers that Elmo has a fish named Doggy. I mean here I am trying to teach Owen to identify animals and animal sounds and Elmo goes and names his fish doggy of all things."

That's when Tommy looks at me as if I've totally been at home with no adult interaction for too long and he says, "Christy, the fish's name is Dorothy...not Doggy."

Oh...I stand corrected. Sorry Elmo for ever doubting you.

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