Friday, March 10, 2006

Looks like we now own a lot closer to Tommy's work. The lot is gorgeous and is lakefront. I grew up with a pond in my backyard and our last house also had a pond. I think Owen (and sibling) will get a kick out of growing up on the water. I'll just be a nervous wreck for the first couple of years. I told Tommy we are definitely installing an alarm system...just in case!

Still plugging away at my new quilt. I am so used to strip piecing and this quilt calls for some pretty small squares and triangles. I haven't even begun to sew yet! Still cutting.

This weekend, we are meeting up at my childhood home to sort through belongings. We have pretty much just been using the old house as a storage building. But, sadly, it's time to move on. We are planning a sale of the house in the near future. I lived in that house for the first 21 years of my life. It's going to be tough getting rid of it.

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