Monday, February 27, 2006

We spent the weekend enjoying Mardi Gras!

Tommy (aka the weatherman) kept telling me all week that there was a 100 percent chance of rain on Saturday. Finally, we came to the conclusion we'd brave the rain and ride in the parade anyway. The rain held off until 2:00 which was exactly when the parade started. By the end, we were soaking wet. I couldn't believe the amount of people who stood in the torrential downpour as spectators. We threw so many beads my right arm is sore. Being on the float was great fun and I really can't wait until next year. Let's just say it's amazing what people will do (or show) for a string of beads or moon pies. Being the sober one in the bunch was interesting to say the least.

Sunday's parade took place on the beach. The forecast was much better. It was sunny and gorgeous...but freezing! There's only one way on and off our beach and we were blessed not to have to sit for hours trying to get out. Thanks to my brave, inebriated husband for playing traffic cop for this designated driver!

We were able to have fun thanks to our two great baby-sitters.

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