Sunday, February 19, 2006

The weekend is almost over and what a weekend it has been.

We drove to look at land on Saturday. I think we have found the perfect lot. Tommy has had his eye on it for a while. I love it as much as he does. More about that when it's a sure thing.

Saturday night, I was replacing a stool underneath the island in our kitchen. The stool legs slipped on the hardwood and the heavy top half landed right on my toe. It all kinda happened in slow motion. I have NEVER in my life felt such pain as I did at that moment and hours afterward. Tommy came running with Owen in tow. All he was worried about was if I had fallen. No, dear, much much worse than that.

Today, I couldn't even make it to church because the thought of stuffing my fat, throbbing toe into dressy shoes was unimaginable.

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