Thursday, April 06, 2006

Instead of Easter pictures
(Or-Please, don't mind the shadows! I tried to hire a professional)

So this was supposed to be a picture of Owen with the Easter bunny. Unfortunately, the sweet boy isn't a fan of the man-size egg wielding rabbit. Instead, he chose to hug the 2 foot rabbit set up in the display. The camera girl just wasn't quick enough to catch that darling shot and chose to snap 5 other crummy photos. That being said, we won't have Easter pictures with the bunny this year.

So, here are pictures of Owen on the day we went to get pictures with the bunny. These will just have to do until I can remind him the Easter bunny comes hopping down the bunny trail with a basket full of goodies. Then, he might be more inclined to sit on his lap for a photo-op!

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