Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Apparently, I passed the 3 hour GTT this time around. I was really surprised! Two of my markers were high when I was pregnant with Owen. Therfore, I just had to follow the diet. It seems I escaped this time around. I'm not going to do the "dance of joy," however. For one, dancing is out of the question with this belly. Secondly, my family is plagued by diabetes. Both of my grandmothers, aunts on both sides, my mother, and sister...to name a few were/are diabetic.

Being diagnosed with GD with Owen was a huge wake-up call to me. I realize I will have to be careful. Watching my diet and exercising is something I will always have to do. I'm prepared to do that since I'm not too keen on pricking my finger 3+ times a day.

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