Monday, August 07, 2006

Slowly but surely things are finding their appropriate places in this house. Sadly, we gave up a lot of closet and storage space to move quickly to a home we didn't design. However, there are some great things about this house, too.

Tommy installed the shelving in my craft room this weekend. Now, I just have to get some time to fill those shelves with stuff! Mom was kind enough to take charge of the laundry. It wasn't too bad but I tend to leave items in the bottom of the laundry sorter if I don't know how to wash them. There were two sweaters in there from winter. I'm always afraid of ruining an item of clothing. Even at 31, I have been known to take an article of clothing over to my Mom to let her wash it. She's the queen of "tough stains."

I really need to get to the grocery store. How in the heck do you grocery shop with one child in an infant carrier and a toddler? Seasoned moms, tell me! I bought a Sit N Stand stroller. Man, is that thing like driving around a limousine! I could put Jack in his carrier in the front of the buggy and Owen could stand in the back but, where are all the groceries going to go?

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