Thursday, November 02, 2006

Coming Right Along
Jack's nursery is getting there. At this rate, he'll be transitioning into a toddler bed by the time I get it right.

I made this pillow in my sewing class last week. I thought I knew how to make a pillow, but my teacher taught us a couple of tricks. She taught us to trim a little off our fabric square at a diagonal so the fabric isn't exactly square...makes a big difference in the end result. Adding the suede fringe was a pain. I had to end up taping the little fringies down so as not to sew over them.

Jack's crib that he hasn't slept in at all. Shame on me.

Chuck wagon lamp on loan from my BIL. I love it! We're not quite sure how old it is, who made it, etc. We just know he wasn't ready to part with it so he loaned it to Jack!

I'm off to my last Beginning Sewing class to make one more pillow. This one will be for the living room. After that, I'm graduating to making a skirt!

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