Monday, December 11, 2006

Fourth Annual Bake-a-Thon
I meant to post this picture yesterday! We got a late start this year so there are only four types of cookies to show for our efforts.

Fruitcake cookies, rum balls, cake balls (red velvet/cream cheese), and Mexican Wedding Cookies

Next year, we definitely plan on halfing the fruitcake cookie recipe. I thought we would never get finished with all the batter. Plus, it just about killed my Kitchenaid. Seriously, black oil started to leak from under the ring!

This is the first year we did not make holly clusters which are my favorite. At some point this week I plan on making those and butter cookies. Both were on the plan for this year but since we ran out of time and all...more for me.

See last year's cookies here (scroll down to December 20) with links to previous years, as well.

I will definitely post the recipes tomorrow!

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