Monday, December 11, 2006

Beribboned Ornaments
Ornaments for the Bake-a-Thon participants

1. Take a glass ball ornament and remove the cap.

2. Discard the wire hanger thingy after it pops out and almost blinds you for life.

3. Enlarge the hole in the cap with pointy scissors.

4. Cut four different strands of ribbon.

5. Fold one strand in half to find center point.

6. Starting at bottom of ornament glue center point and continue gluing up one side to neck of ornament. Glue other side up to the neck of ornament.

7. Follow steps 5&6 for the remaining three strands of ribbon. Spacing them evenly around ornament.

8. Carefully place ends of ribbon through hole in ornament cap.

9. Replace cap, pulling ribbon ends tightly.

10. Take numbered stickers and place on small rectangle of ivory cardstock.

11. Place cardstock piece behind clear sticky tag. Back with piece of clear plastic.

12. Tie a slip knot through hole in tag.

13. Tie tag around neck of ornament.

14. Trim ribbon ends.

I used a piece of plastic to back the sticky tag, but you could back with another sticky tag. I just thought that was kind of wasteful!

You might want to put fray check on the ends of the ribbons!

Placing the ribbon ends inside the hole in cap is pretty tricky. But, if you hold your mouth just right and say a silent prayer, all should go smoothly.

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