Saturday, March 31, 2007

It is raining outside and for some reason I am feeling melancholy. My husband is on an "invitation only" fishing trip with some vendors. Though if you ask Owen, he'll say, "Daddy at wuk(work)." Because, most of the time, that is where Daddy is.

We're supposed to be closing on the new house next week. Scary, being as though we haven't even sold this house yet.

My wonderful SIL drove over today to spend some time with us. We took the boys to Bellingrath for their annual Easter egg hunt. Which for two year olds equates to an Easter egg pick up...the eggs are out in the open on the Great Lawn.

It really is a beautiful place but right after Owen decided he was through with the egg hunt (it is two hours, they keep replenishing the eggs for ages 2 and under) it started to rain. No worries, it was a great day.

After a nice lunch, a walk down the street to the new house for opinions on paint colors, and playtime in the sandbox, I think we wore Aunt Cindy out! She had an hour drive home, but she has tomorrow to recover!

Since our day was eventful, the boys didn't quite fit their naps in. They are in bed early...which is where I probably should be.

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