Thursday, May 03, 2007

Once a week, usually on a Thursday, I relinguish control of my house for approximately six hours so grandpa and grandma can come and visit with the boys. Of course, I don't have to leave...but who'd stay? Free babysitting service that comes to me--ONCE A WEEK! I'm a lucky girl.

I usually end up at one of my favorite places for a bowl of french onion soup and a slice of french baguette. The soup is good, the bread is amazing (crunchy outside, gooey center), but what I really come for is the free Wi-Fi. It's nice to just sit with my laptop and not have to worry about refilling sippy cups or dirty diapers every once in a while.

Around the fourth hour, I start to feel a little homesick for my babies. I realize that I couldn't do this every day. Being away from them is tough! I miss Owen's. "I love you, too, Mama." Even if I don't say it first, he still says love you adorable!

So, I'm off to spend my remaining five hours of freedom doing a little retail therapy. We need new storage baskets for their playroom.

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